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nakama tcg - main

◄ nakama tcg

◄ player

Player; CHROMO ✩ Join Date; 15/12 ✩ Card Count; 0472 ✩ 501 next level
◄ trading buddies
◄ master badges

◄ collecting
gunblade► 13/15 airwing► 14/15

king ► 09/15 soldier ► 09/15

zero ► 03/15 victory► 03/15

◄ puzzle
investigation► 03/16

◄ special
rivals ► 20/20

◄ future mass deck cards
code geass; zero + victory + knightmare

final fantasy xiii; bahamut + gunblade + airwing

final fantasy blondes; zanarkand + airwing + soldier

◄ future collection
◄ trading

◄ user cards
◄ other
◄ pending
pending ► 6 tickets ► 10

◄ trading terms
collecting; nope
will most likely trade for collecting
far future;
will trade up
two>one in most circumstances
hold time; one week without contact, will dump back into trading after this time
offers; if i make you an offer it's good for one week
only trading under certain circumstances
anything else;
just ask!
◄ credit
coding → replica

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